My 2 door MK5 Ford Cortina Estate

My obsession with the MK5 Ford Cortina Estate started in April 1992, when I replaced my second car with one. Over a number of years, I converted the standard 1.6L into something of a street racer.

To say that I was gutted, when my pride and joy rusted from beneath me, would be an understatement.

To that end, I eventually, three cars later, decided to buy another Cortina. This one was going to be better though.

The plan is to create a street legal street/strip car, using an old school American Ford drive chain; 351ci Windsor V8, C5 three speed auto box, and 9inch axle. But first, this car is not going to rust from under me, so rust repairs and body modifications come first.

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Latest photo.

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The Cortina runs - see it on YouTube!.

Classic Ford magazine article Classic Ford magazine article
The Cortina is featured!

Classic Ford magazine article
The Cortina is featured again!

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Pictures and descriptions of modifications and repairs done so far.

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4 Link Geometry. - Details of how the rear suspension is going to be setup.

Periodically, I send out an update email to friends, letting them know of milestones reached.
This is now becoming a bit of a diary of events, supplimenting the modifications/repairs pages.
If you wish to be included in the list, please contact me.
Email addresses will not be distributed, and are always bcc'd.

Plan of action. - This is a general list of things to do, including compeltion dates.

Specifications. - General specifications of the new car, including status of modifications.

My old Cortina. - General specifications of my old MK5 estate; the motivation behind this project.

About Me. - A little about me, including a photo not used in the Classic Ford article.

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Since I started my project, two MK3 estates have come onto the scene,
both converted to 2 door, and both with a style of their own.
Click on the pictures to see the Articles.

Gear Ratio Calculator Engine Displacement Calculator Peak Intake Flow/Peak Horsepower Calculator Wheel Horsepower to Crankshaft Horsepower Guestimator Exhaust Size Calculator
A selection of useful calculators.

Injuries. - Working on cars can be hazardous to your health.

Interesting car pictures. - Just a couple of pics that caught my attention.

Links. - A few interesting websites that I have found over time.

Site last updated 1st January, 2017.
Pictures added of rear wiper, bonnet, interior, and car on the drive.

Site previously updated 18th June, 2016.
Pictures added of tailgate, bumper and photo shoot added.

Site previously updated 31st May 2016.
Massive update. Page 14 added.

Site previously updated 13th July, 2015.
YouTube videos link added for first fire up.

Site previously updated 6th May, 2015.
Pictures of fuel system, radiator and car on drive added.

Site previously updated 6th April, 2015.
Pictures of engine bay, interior, shifter and fuel system added.

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