Something important to put some serious thought into has been the suspension. Not only have I had to think about spring rates (yet to be determined), but I have also had to think about the setting up the adjustable 4 link rear setup.

For road use, to make the suspension as flexible as possible to stop binding, I have decided to run a parallel link setup which should work very nicely.

For race use, I have been having fun determining the instant centre position (the intersect point of lines projected forward from the top and bottom bars) and its relationship with the 100% antisquat line (a line drawn bewteen the rear tyre contact patch and the intersect point of a vertical line drawn through the front wheel with a horizontal line drawn through the estimated centre of gravity). If the instant centre position is too far back, the setup will be unstable. Below the 100% antisquat line, the rear of the car will drop on lanuch. Above the 100% antisquat line, the rear of the car will rise on launch. I am initially aiming for being on the line, and having the rear end level during launch.

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Diagram is shown over a pic of my old estate for clairty.

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