Fitting a B&M Shifter Kit, part number 50262,
to a Ford C5 gearbox.

I thought I would write this page, in the hope that it might help those wishing to fit a B&M Shifter Kit to a Ford C5 gearbox.

I am not going to go into detail, as the instructions that come with the kit are adequate, but I will let you know what I found.

Firstly, the C5 valve body is different to the C4 one. I didn't realise this before I started the job, and was a bit alarmed when I took the sump off and saw, but it is basically the same thing, and the shifter kit will work with it.

Secondly, and this really threw me, is that the instructions talk about the C4 having two different valve bodies - one for the Pinto variant, and one for all the others. Time saving note - the C5 valve body appears to be based on the C4 Pinto variant valve body, so you will need to follow the instructions for that one. You will not need the separator plate that comes with the kit, as this is designed for the all-other valve bodies, but will instead need to drill your own separator plate.

Lastly, the instruction manual tells you to remove the accumulator valve by pulling out a locking pin, and allowing the spring to push the plug out. If yours is anything like mine, there is a burr or ridge on the plug that stops it coming out, you can't grab it and pull without damaging it, and you can't get behind it too push. Hopefully, like mine, it will stop with the locking groove just slightly exposed. Get a sharp knife in there, and use it to carefully lever the plug out.

Hope that helps.

Important note - There are posts on the internet that say that a C5 fitted with a non-lockup converter should have a normal C4 valve body fitted. The C5 I acquired had a C4 bellhousing and non-lockup converter fitted when I got it, so I am not sure if the valve body is original, or if the gearbox will have any problems when run. At present, the gearbox has not been run by myslef, before or after mods, as the car is not on the road yet.

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